Profile, STL AND G-code File Location

Profile File Location and Reference Codes

Understanding the Ref. Code

The Ref. Code represents the Profile settings. If you would like to know the meaning, please click the button below. Once well understood, feel free to change the settings to get the best printing result.

STL File Location and Code

Sample Case from Delta Hornet OWL Plane

The above picture shows that STL files are grouped following the Animation and Assembly Videos grouping where STL file directory names represent the part group names.

It is not only for Delta Hornet OWL Model, the same way parts are grouped into STL directory name for other OWLplane Models including LW-PLA series.

The left side figure shows that where we will find STL files including G-code file directories (the directory name to store G-code for LW-PLA is simplified, the name is “LW-PLA DD and BOWDEN” since no difference between Direct Drive vs Bowden setup). It is for your convenience when generating G-code, you may want to put it in the corresponding G-code folders as shown in the figure below.

G-code File Location and Its Binary File