VJet OWL Flying Videos and Pictures

This cool looking plane flies more like EDF trainer plane. With V shape tail and powered with 70mm EDF, it takes off from land. There is no steering wheel but it is enough to get the plane flying and landing smoothly. It has detachable wings to make it easy for transport. Fiber carbon tubes are optional to use but ready if you would like to use them including two 5mm OD fiber carbon tube inside the fuselage. Landing gears without skirts are also an option if you feel better to use in your flying fields. You can fly it as a sport or aerobatic plane.

Do you want to hand launch VJet OWL ? no problem, 2 STL files are updated to the repository so that you can close the landing gear position area on the Fuselage Part. More details, just find the Update Section in this page.


Center of Gravity (CoG) :

Weight and Time Estimation :

Following tables show the weight of printed parts, number of required filament rolls and time required to print. The numbers are taken from ideaMaker slicer calculation. From experience, actual numbers show about -5% less than depicted in the table. But the number may vary from printer to printer due to:

– Stepper Jerk value.

– Stepper Acceleration value.

– Steps per unit (either calibrated or uncalibrated)

– Extruder quality/condition.

– Nozzle quality/condition.

– Filament quality/condition.

– Etc. 

For sure the relative number are useful when deciding to accept the total strengths or weights when printing. Picking higher strength to some parts are necessary to avoid breaking during high impact landing or sharp maneuver for example.  

Here are the summary tables:

Free to download following Documents :

Table of Contents

Update History

History Summary: 

Version : 1.2 – Introduced Wing Spar as an Option / Supporting Using LW-PLA/ePLA-LW Filament for Wing Parts.

Version : 1.1 – Introduced Twin Carbon Tubes to Strengthen Tail Parts as an Option / Supporting LW-PLA/ePLA-LW Filament for Some Tail Parts.

Details, scroll down to the two sections below.

Update from version 1.0 (Released as Version 1.1)

Updated on May 3rd, 2021

Feel free to use 5mm OD carbon tube to strengthen Fuselage-4 to Fuselage 7.

STLs and G-code are already updated into VJet purchased repository and ready to download.

How to Assembly Fuselage-4 to 7 Version 1.1 as Follow

Update from version 1.1 (Released as Version 1.2)

Updated on May 4th, 2021

Introducing 8mm OD carbon tube to strengthen the wing parts (used as spar).

a. carbon tube 8mm OD 1 meter long or 

b. 2x carbon tube 8mm OD 500mm long.

When using (a), all the wing parts can be printed using LW-PLA.

When using (b), suggest to print “WING-L-1 # P3_H15 and WING-R-1 # P3_H15” parts in PLA and remaining in LW-PLA.

STLs and G-code are already updated into VJet repository and ready to download.

How to Assembly Wing-1 to 4 Version 1.2 as Follow

Refer to the images above for the spar location. For more wing assembly details, please refer to the ASSEMBLY website pages.

Note: avoid to glue the spar/carbon tubes so that it can be easily removed later when trying to reuse it

Update from version 1.2 (Released as Version 1.3)

Updated on October 5th, 2021

Providing larger wheels and no shell main landing gears for grass friendly runaways.


Update from version 1.3 (Released as Version 1.4)

Updated on December 11th, 2021

2 STL files are added to use if you decide to hand launch the plane.

They are :

– NO-LG-F # GR3

– NO-LG-B # GR3

Update from version 1.4 (Released as Version 1.5)

Updated on December 17th, 2021

Updated the following files for strengthening tail parts.

They are :

– FUSELAGE-7 # P3_H15 for both options (with fiber carbon tube or without)

– VTAIL-BASE-L-1 # P3_H15

– VTAIL-BASE-L-2 # P3_H15

– VTAIL-BASE-R-1 # P3_H15

– VTAIL-BASE-R-2 # P3_H15

Updated the following file for stronger EDF-HATCH part required for hand launching.

They are :


Recommended Setup

Tools and Materials

OWLplane Printers (for your ref.)

See figures below some printers used, created, developed and modified by OWLplane. Two group printers are set, the first one is utilized only for printing PLA/PLA+ and the other one is utilized to print with ABS, ASA and HIPS filaments (the one with enclosures). Just hover onto the figures to find more information about them.

Modified all Bowden setup printers into Direct Drive but leave Tevo Tornado and Anycubic Mega as is (still in bowden setup).

Hardware Needed

For Fuselage, Canopy :

For Wings (excluded control surface):

For Aileron, V-Tail Stabilizer, V-Tail Control Surface and (Aileron and V-Tail) Servos:

Setup for Servo Travel/Throw

Suggested setup for medium travel/thrown are depicted below and you may adjust the setup according to your need. 

Assembly Figures

VJet Fuselage Assembly

VJet Wing Assembly

VJet VStab Assembly

VJet Canopy Assembly

VJet Gear Assembly

The servo wires from tail parts.

Need to create holes for aileron servo wires.

It shows the aileron servo wires position.

Watch VJet OWL Animation and Assembly Video
Please visit the page for having visual learning