Pre-Assembly Processes

Watch Animation Video

Note: Please watch the Animation and Assembly Video before reading the details below by clicking the following button if you have not done so. The videos explain the relationship between parts but not including details guide and alignment.

There are some pre-processes that need to go through before assembling commenced. Once completed, the assembling processes should go without any tolerance and clearance issues.

Here are the processes:

1. Cleaning and clearing tolerance processes.

2. Making sure/checking the parts just fit in. Use the following tools:

Tools Used for Cleaning and Clearing Tolerance

The figures above are tools that you may need to run pre-assembly processes but not limited to.

Cleaning and Clearing Tolerance

The figures above explains themselves how to use the tools except the heated rod. The heated rod is used whenever can not use drill for not reachable position such as cleaning or clearing holes for pushrod. Just push the heated rod quickly until it gets out of the hole so that it clears unwanted plastics inside the hole. 

Checking Tolerance (Making Sure It Fits)

Once you have done cleaning and clearing tolerance processes, need to make sure that now it fits each other when assembling.

15mm and 30mm Pins Clearance

Checking Built In Pin Clearance

Checking Rod Clearance for Attaching CS (Control Surface) Parts

Checking Clearance for Push Rod

Checking Clearance for Wing Spar

Finding and Checking Pin Position

The objective of using pins is to make the assembly processes run smoothly (fit in correctly). The process of finding and checking pin position is to make sure that the pins are well installed/used.

Finding Through Sliced STL Object

Locating The Pins Directly