About OWLplane

Our Statements

We believe that 3D printing technology will continue to grow supporting and becoming part of aeromodelling hobby. Certainly, it is not merely without challenges. Printing single perimeter on a CAD design to come up with a strong and light 3D printed object is not easy since most available filaments in the market still having too high in their density (comparing to the final result of airplane model in traditional aeromodelling hobby). Fortunately, there is filament manufacturer that producing a lightweight filament. It is called LW-PLA. Comparing to final printed PLA density, it is very promising to 3D printed aeromodelling hobbyist. Unfortunately, it is still not widely available yet in the market to purchase and also relatively having high price tag.  

Another issue in 3D printed aeromodelling is that it is also quite challenges when assembling the parts. It really depends on how the designer come up with his/her 3D model creation. The designer also needs to consider the total weight produced when designing the plane without sacrificing simplicity and easiness when assembling the parts. Here is the list of challenges but not limited to when designing a 3D printed plane:

   – Material Density and Other Characteristics (Filament types and its characteristics)

   – Printer Capability Delivering Printed Object (Printer and its technology used)

   – Single Parameter Printing Technique (Slicer capability)

   – Design Factor (CAD Model itself)

We understand the challenges but will always try to improve and find the best solution. It is understood that this new hobby still have much room of improvement. It will be never end since the hobby itself always seeks for improvement and new things anyway. So far, we are very happy with our design after we feel finding the optimal result printing with available widely used filaments such as PLA, ABS, ASA and HIPS. It does not mean that OWLplane does not support LW-PLA. For sure, printing with LW-PLA always deliver less weight but to go down reducing weight up to 30%, we do not need LW-PLA, replace your Nozzle to 0.3mm and it will rock the results !

About Me

Dolly Siregar got his Master degree in Computer Science from Texas A&M University – College Station, TX. Right after getting his degree, he worked for Motorola about 5 years in US (at Arlington Heights, IL) as Senior Software Engineer. He came back for good to Jakarta (Indonesia) raising a family there and continued his work in Telecommunication Industry for about 15 years.

In 2020, He decided to start his own business in 3D printing technology. He is fascinated by how 3D printing technology can create or fabricate RC plane model from CAD design since the time he was introduced to in 2017. Later, 3D printing became his another hobby beside flying, creating and experimenting RC plane model which is his hobby since 2003.

Combining the two hobbies makes him dedicating much of his time and effort on designing his own FDM 3D printer, earnt the knowledge from it, and also RC plane model. He names his business inspired from OWL bird due to its famous silent flight and night vision eyes capability.


Thank you for supporting us in this hobby.