Placing and Locking
The Battery

Watch Animation Video

Note: Please watch the Animation and Assembly Video before reading the details below by clicking the following button if you have not done so. The videos explain the relationship between parts but not including details guide and alignment.

Once you have found the position for the battery where CG (Center of Gravity) can be correctly achieved, install the Velcro to that position by using Velcro sticker/Polyester hook and loop peel-n-stick self-adhesive. Your battery also needs to have Velcro sticker attached. The Velcro attached to plane and battery should not be the same type of Hook/Loop. Just consistent with your choice, for example, all Hooks for the battery and all Loops for the plane or on the other way around. 

Using Velcro Hooks and Loops

Plastic Holder for Double-Sided Hook and Loop