ideaMaker Installation and Setup

ideaMaker Installation and Setup

Only ideaMaker installation and setup are exaplained in this web page. You should be able to find the same guides in the internet for Cura, S3D and PrusaSlicer.


Please view this left side video first and understand how to install and setup the software. The following video also tries to show the same but more on specific slicing OWLplane STL files with ideaMaker OWLplane Profile files. 

Excellence Video from - Breaks'n'Makes

Video Showing Slicing
OWLplane STL File

Starting from Installation followed by setup Print Settings. Next scene, showing and checking if the Slicing Result is as expected or not.  Since it is not correctly sliced, the video shows how to get /find the correct OWLplane Profile files.  Next, checking again, making sure everything as expected showed by the previewed object. Finally, showing some tabs subject to be changed for getting the best result for your 3D Printer.