Fuselage And Wing Assembly

Watch Animation Video

Note: Please watch the Animation and Assembly Video before reading the details below by clicking the following button if you have not done so. The videos explain the relationship between parts but not including details guide and alignment.

All fuselages and wings are designed to be ready with the usage of guide or alignment tools.  

Please find details below explaining about guide or alignment mechanism utilizing built in pin, fiber carbon tube pin/3D printed plastic pin, fiber carbon spar and push rod.

Preparing Required Hardware (Fiber Carbon Pin/3D Printed Plastic Pin, Fiber Carbon Spar and Rod)

Guide and/or Alignment Tools or Mechanism for Fuselage and Wing

Tools used for fuselage and wing guide and/or alignment are depicted in the figures below:

Already Built In

15mm and/or 30mm Diameter Fiber Carbon Pin and 3D Printed One

Fiber Carbon Spar as Guide and/or Alignment Tools

Push Rod as Guide and/or Alignment Tools

Gluing Two Parts