Stabilizer And Control Surface Assembly

Watch Animation Video

Note: Please watch the Animation and Assembly Video before reading the details below by clicking the following button if you have not done so. The videos explain the relationship between parts but not including details guide and alignment.

All stabilizers and control surfaces are designed to use guide or alignment tools.

Please find detail below explaining about pin and rod as guide and/or alignment.

Preparing Pin and Rods

Guide and Alignment Tools and Mechanism

Try to understand the relationship among parts by watching provided animation and assembly videos (just click the button above). Once you understood the relationship, the next step is to try identifying the pin locations. 

Identify Pin Location

Stabilizer Pins

Control Surface Pin and Rod

Gluing Two Parts

Locking Hinge Rods

In general, try to lock hinge rod position with rod shape and also with CA glue. 

Rudder Rod

Elevator Rod

Aileron and Flap Rod