Servo Assembly

Watch Animation Video

Note: Please watch the Animation and Assembly Video before reading the details below by clicking the following button if you have not done so. The videos explain the relationship between parts but not including details guide and alignment.

All OWLplane Models use 3D printed servo cover and bridge so that it opens any other brand servos. Exception is only applied for some conditions where implementing servo cover or bridge is not practical (for example, VJet OWL stabilizer servos, located at the back of the plane, it has fixed position and also OWL MDM-1 Fox rudder servo)

All servo cover and bridge STEP files are shared in case none of the servo cover and/or bridge STL files can fit into your servo. Another trick to fit your servo into servo cover or bridge is by enlarging or shrinking it by utilizing “Dimensional Compensation” feature in the Slicers. Please visit this page for more information (It is called Dimensional Compensation feature in ideaMaker where in S3D is called Horizontal size compensation and in Cura is called Horizontal Expansion).

Some 12gr and 17gr servo classes are depicted in the tabs below. They have been tested with/fitted into provided servo cover and bridge.

Where to buy (but not limited to):

You can buy the following picture in (should also available from your local hobby store or online hobby store) :

Preparing Pushrod and Parts

Installing and Assembling Servo and Push Rod using Servo Cover

Installing and Assembling Servo and Push Rod Using Servo Bridge