OWL BAE Hawk T1 - 50mm EDF
( Semi Scale Model )
~ LW-PLA/ePLA-LW/PolyLight 1.0 Series ~

OWL BAE Hawk T1 - 50mm EDF
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If you do not want to get hassle preparing an rc jet plane at the flying field after arriving (all already well prepared at home)… just grab the plane, put the battery in, throw it and fly.  Woooooss… from left ….woos from right and the total cost to build is relatively cheap, this 3d printed rc plane may be your best choice. With cool looking shape copying form BAE Hawk T1 model, this OWL BAE Hawk T1 not only fly great but also beautiful in the air. It is considered as semi scale plane. For the wings, it is your choice that you can permanently attaching the wings into the fuselage by gluing them for more solid attachment (suggest to bring CA glue with you in case the wing attachment parts get broken after hard landing).

This model must be printed with LW-PLA/ePLA-LW/PolyLight 1.0 filament only. 

Please note that G-code files generated from ideaMaker does not compatible to use with Prusa original 3D printers. Please use Cura or S3D instead if you would like to regenerate the G-code files for your Prusa printers.

Suggestion, please see the following video to throw this model. It has more WCL value than L-39. With using bodyweight to throw, we never fail to launch the model.

We would suggest to use OWLplane Catapult Launcher for launching the model (no human errors). If you use to hand launch rc plane models, ask someone else to help launching during maiden (controlling and throwing the model are conducted by different persons) !

Fyi, it is easier to hand launch OWL L-39 model compare to OWL BAE Hawk T1 model (due to lower WCL value). But after flying in the air, it will scream :).

Paint Scheme Works and Photos by Vikram Sharma.

The model schemes/paint are from his awesome works. We would like to thank him for allowing us to share his amazing works.



Spar Requirement :

  • 2 x 5mm OD and with 270mm long fiber carbon tube as primary and secondary fuselage and wing spars.
  • 2 x 5mm OD for left and right wing spars and with 278mm long.
  • 2 x 5mm OD and with 160mm long for stabilizer spars.

Locking Belt for Attaching Wings to Fuselage

Aileron/Wing Control Surfaces Rods:

Elevator/Horizontal Stabilizer Control Surfaces Rods:

Electronic Position :

Feel free to position the electronics to get the correct CoG.

EDF Installation and Canopy Trim :

Center of Gravity (CoG) :

Launching with OWLplane Catapult Launcher :

Please visit OWLplane Catapult Launcher product page under “PRODUCTS” tab after clicking “ALL PRODUCTS”. You may want to download and print the 3D printed parts.

If you plan to launch the model with your own catapult launcher, you may still want to download the model hook profile adapter from OWLplane Catapult Launcher repository/product and its free.

How to Hand Launch OWL BAE Hawk T1 50mm EDF Model :

Follow the following tips to launch :

– Lean your body backward.

– Use 3 finger grip to launch.

– Start throwing by also moving your body forward.

Please Use 3-Point-Grip Protectors as Follow (Optional but Recommended to Use) :

The name for STL files are :




Why need to use and what suggested filament type:

– When strongly pinching the grips, it may break the skin of the model.

– Need to print with PLA (better than LW-PLA) for having strong protector.

Just ignore rough surface, it is not sanded yet. 

Sand The Surfaces To Get Smooth Ones :

Weight and Time Estimation :

Following tables show the weight of printed parts, number of required filament rolls and time required to print. But the number may vary from printer to printer due to:

– Stepper Jerk value.

– Stepper Acceleration value.

– Steps per unit (either calibrated or uncalibrated).

– Extruder quality/condition.

– Nozzle quality/condition.

– Filament quality/condition.

– Etc. 

Here are the summary tables:

Table of Contents

Update History


Recommended Setup

Tools and Materials

Hardware Needed

For Fuselage and Canopy:

For Aileron and Elevator Servos:

Fiber Carbon Spar Requirements (please read above pictures to find the requirements).

*) Illustration only

Setup for Servo Travel/Throw

Suggested setup for medium travel/thrown are depicted below and you may adjust the setup according to your need. Suggested to have 1mm up elevator for having safe hand launch condition during maiden.

Assembly Figures

BAE Hawk T1 50mm Fuselage Assembly

BAE Hawk T1 50mm Wing Assembly

BAE Hawk T1 50mm Horizontal Stabilizer Assembly

BAE Hawk T1 50mm Vertical Stabilizer Assembly

BAE Hawk T1 50mm EDF Canopy Assembly

Watch OWL BAE Hawk T1 - 50mm
Animation and Assembly Video
Please visit the page for having visual learning